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The Gallery is Now Open

I've always loved the look of red doors and the idea that they symbolize that the home and its owners are welcoming appeals to me a great deal. With 337 Clarke Rd., not only did I get a red door (painted by Krista), but I got my own damn gallery (also painted by Krista). View of the gallery from the back corner (the studio portion). I can't wait to get painting again. Having my own (large!) space (at home!) like this is definitely a dream come true. I wanna make more stuff! Not that we're short on stock... I completed the inventory last weekend and there are over 300 paintings to behold (and purchase!). Most are also for sale at my  Etsy shop . A few paintings are in the house proper, decorating our walls downstairs and our  guest rooms  and hallway upstairs. View of the gallery from just inside the front door. The white door on the left leads into our home. This room was a dingy grey mess before we gave it a refreshing makeover. Because of that, of all the rooms we f