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40" x 30", oil on canvas, 2019 This painting is based on a photo I took at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Fort Macleod, Alberta. I find skeletons and skulls fascinating (we all have at least one , after all) and when I saw this wall display of dozens of buffalo skulls I was mesmerized by the patterns, shapes, shadows, and sheer volume of bones. Here's how that place got its name. It's a coincidence, of course, but I think it's wonderfully appropriate that this was done over top a failed painting I was calling Gravity Loves to Win (see below). Maybe I should have kept that title for this painting...maybe I still could... Detail. My technique on this painting is different from my normal cross-hatch-style of brushwork, largely because I started blocking in shadows with an older brush, giving me a softer look...and I just kept going like that with very little cross-hatching. I did go back in with some sharply-defined darks and highlights, but havi

Knight Industries Twenty-Thousand (1/20 scale model)

Music by Stu Phillips . What the heck is going on? What is that thing? How did we get here? How is KITT not a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am , but a weird-looking  humanoid robot ? Well, we started with this: Box art (front). I have no idea (and no significant interest in finding out) what a MechatroWeGo is or does (it looks like a robot helper/friend of small children), but that doesn't matter. I really like the design and, seeing as dozens of modelers around the world have made amazing customized versions of these things, I wanted to join in the fun (with my own twists, of course). Box art (sides). Like many recent Bandai kits, Hasegawa has designed these figures to be highly poseable and, I suppose, played with. My plan is to have KITT simply standing in a display case, but it was incredibly fun posing him for those shots in the video.  Assembly instructions. The build is made easy by instructions, while in Japanese, that are clear and easy to under