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22" x 15", watercolour, 2000,  private collection Merry Christmas!

masque et disques

30" x 40", oil on canvas, 2001 This is the wall of the dining room (opposite the wall in the cat picture ) facing the front of the house and looking into the living room. As I metioned in this post , I'm now reckoning my oil paintings as having begun in this century because of the huge gap between my two or three actual first ones and my serious first ones which have now grown into a substantial body of work. I don't know where the mask is from or which records are above it, but the thing on the ledge just left of the records is a roll of film which is casting a somewhat transluscent shadow.

deux photos

4' x 5', oil on canvas, 2002 The largest painting I've done so far* (not including two murals in high school), it's the same window as in this painting (just pan right and tilt up). For extra angles and interruption I opened the door on the right. I enjoyed painting this one very much because of all the little fiddly bits like the ribbons and the stained glass; working at this scale enabled me to really get in there and play around in the space. I think it turned out very well and I like how there's a lot going on without it being busy. *I have a companion piece sort of begun for this (at the same size) which is a close up of the plants, ornaments, and ribbons, making it sort of an abstract painting. I prepped it at the same time as the one above and started painting it a few years ago but never continued (partly because of laziness, partly because I forget about it). I should really just finish the damn thing... UPDATE: Here's that big one, now called