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Silver Jubilee: Finale

Silver Jubilee 36" x 60", oil and silver leaf on canvas, 2013 To finish up my celebration of the 25 years I've been painting , I wanted to paint a huge picture as the grand finale, featuring some elements referencing a few of my paintings from throughout that time. Gumby appears once again for the first time since my first watercolour back in 1988. The working title for this was BMF25 for a long time until I decided to just name it –rather straightforwardly–  Silver Jubilee . And why not? Getting started. While writing the blog posts about my Silver Jubilee, I was concurrently working on this big thing and sharing sneak peeks through social media. Here, the pencils are done and a coat of orange acrylic has been applied. Blocking in the hoodoos. You can barely see it but the finished tree means the upside-down  Prince Edward County landscape appearing at the top is complete, as is the sky in a flat blue. I considered for a very long time whether