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Jetpack Update

Fully completed jetpack Rather than create something new, I simply transferred the fabric "flames" from the Mark 1 over to the Mark 2 (the fabric moves nicely when I'm up on the stilts). To cover up the now-redundant bottom two holes, I used  a couple of stickers on each side, the top holes being all that was needed to attach to the backpack (see the build log for more details). Painting the fuel tanks red and blue completed the project. Top view Pilot headgear The cap and goggles are the same ones I wore at last year's Lantern Festival , but Krista made me an awesome new aviator's scarf. Full Jetpack costume in action at the  Skeleton Park Arts Festival Flying through Boxtopia Circus

Shipyard Intro & First Project

Like many of my other unusual projects (like  all   my   cooking   stuff , my  pirate sword , and  Small Pond 's first  barn quilt ), I figured the new jetpack for my Pilot stilting costume (to replace my first jetpack built for the 2014 Firelight Lantern Festival ) would also be undertaken by the  Special Projects Division . But, this fall, I'll be getting involved in some highly unusual projects (dealing with Small Pond airborne mythology, alternate realities, and a few personal builds) that will all be realized through various scale models and dioramas. Yup: I'm getting back into model-making after a hiatus of about 15 years. So I've created the  Small Pond Shipyard  (with fancy logo and slogan) to deal with these creations and, since the new jetpack is flight-related, it makes sense that it would be the Shipyard's first assignment. The Special Projects Division is still active, with at least two new projects already lined up. Jetpack Mk 1 The