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Bata Headquarters (1/144 scale), Part 2

Pretty close! Back in Part 1 , I recounted a bit of the history of this lovely mid-century modern building, my relationship to it, my reasons for building this model, a link to my initial study model, and the first part of the build. This part continues the building process and has some beauty shots taken outdoors. Floating forest of blocks. I am extremely happy with how square and uniform all six of these tower blocks came out. Part of the beauty of this building was the various repeated shapes: the 38 oddly-shaped windows, the 13 posts with their complex tops, and these six tower blocks I never knew existed until I did research for this project. Rear (front) view. This shot is in full colour, but it looks like I've isolated the tower blocks and desaturated everything else. I still think of this as the "back," even though the rectangle cut out of the fourth tower is the main entrance. Skeletal. I love how the grey primer on the laser cut wo

Five Year Review, 2018

Pearls of Wisdom Five years ago I made perhaps too much of a muchness of my 25th anniversary of painting (I began in 1988), but now that series of posts serves as my autobiographical origin story. This year –my 30th anniversary– I'm not making as much of a muchness since the occasion, like my birthday, only has any real meaning for me. I did a celebratory painting (above) but there's no party, no big deal. I am feeling quite reflective, though (as usual, 'round this time of year), so this post will simply be a look back at the past five years. Almost everything is here; some things I've left out for various reasons, some things I'm sure I've just forgotten. Click on the titles of each item to find out more... ––––––––[    2014   ]–––––––– To the Sound of Trumpets Cheers! Kodak Duaflex IV ––––––––[    2015   ]–––––––– Jetpack Mark 2 George Meanwell (Banjo) George Meanwell (Concertina)