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Minerva McCrimmon (study)

Minerva McCrimmon (study) 20" x 16", oil on wood panel, 2019, private collection. When Krista and I moved to Prince Edward County  in 2010, we were very interested in its history, feeling we could explore and celebrate it through our artwork in various ways. I won't get into all the historical work we've done, but I'll say that, over the years, we've gathered more than a few books to help educate us. One of these books is " The New Improved Legendary Guide to Prince Edward County " by Janet Kellough, and it was in this slim, spiral-bound text (that everybody seems to get upon arrival in PEC) that I first became aware of Minerva McCrimmon and her big heroic act in April 1880. There isn't much information on her actual life, but the story from well over a century ago is really all I needed for this project. I liked the story a lot –especially because she was so young– and I kept revisiting the tale to see if I could come up with a way to

Droid DeSoto (1/24 scale model), Part 1

What follows (for a little bit) is largely the exact same content as my KITT post because it's the same base model kit and there's just so much crossover in the early build stages (and I don't assume everybody reads everything I write here).  Box art (front). Even after building KITT, I still have no idea (and still no significant interest in finding out) what a MechatroWeGo is or does (it looks like a robot helper/friend of small children), but that doesn't matter. I really like the design and, seeing as dozens of modelers around the world have made amazing customized versions of these things, I wanted to join in the fun (with my own twists, of course). Box art (sides). Like many recent Bandai kits, Hasegawa has designed these figures to be highly poseable and, I suppose, played with. My plan is to have this robot simply standing in a display case, maybe with some kind of reference to the Station 51 firehouse from the show to fill out the space (t