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WWI Paintings Master List

This blog post compiles all the links to all 100 paintings of my big World War One art project I called To the Sound of Trumpets . I've set this up in sections according to how the exhibition was arranged at Macaulay Museum in November 2014. We begin with the Archduke Franz Ferdinad and his assassin, Gavrilo Princip: Catalysts for Calamity Dance Partners 1 Dance Partners 2 through 5 Dance Partners 6 through 9 To the Sound of Trumpets Entrenched Over the Top And the Women Went Also R&R Nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus Snow March Dance Masks Gas Attack Nunc est bibendum Troubles on Top of Troubles This Silent Countryside Captured! Wounded More Wounded "Send More Men" Buried Bang Bang Toys War Progression Effective Range: 50 Yards Children of Mars Across This Antheap The Kindest Cut The Empty Schoolhouse Flamethrower! Writing Between the Fi