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Romulan Bird of Prey ATROPOS (1/650 scale model), Part 2

Actual simulation. I Photoshopped the primered ship onto my original cover image, so it's a false/not-false representation of the current status of the Atropos . Supposedly accurate paper templates. In Part 1 I mentioned watching a video of a cobbler making a template for a shoe using crumpled paper, and I tried that technique to make a template for my hull panels. I made several templates, each time adding or subtracting small bits of paper to make them as accurate as possible. The forward raised area in the middle and the rear engine assembly are slightly off-centre, so each template had to be custom-built, meaning I couldn't just make one and use the mirror image (i.e. flip it over) to make the other. I'll be way more careful centering parts next time I'm kitbashing. Result of template exercise. I traced my paper templates onto some sheet styrene and cut out four pieces, two for each side, to achieve the level of thickness I wanted for the top (