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Bunting House, PEC (triptych)

Bunting House, PEC 36" x 84" (36" x 36" (centre); 36" x 24" (each side)), oil on canvas, 2016, private collection This is a big commission I recently completed for a couple who live in Toronto but have had this house in Prince Edward County for a couple of decades. They wanted a picture of their home away from home, so I went out there a couple of summers ago and shot tons of reference while the trees were nicely foliated, the grass was green, and the day was sunny, knowing I'd likely be working on the painting during the winter. While we originally discussed a triptych, we later settled on one large painting, but finding a canvas the desired size proved difficult, so we went back to a manageable, but large, triptych. Pencil phase. Part of the fun and interest for me was going to be painting the lovely shadows of the trees on the grass. I also liked the bright white house surrounded by so much green. There's a whole lot of canvas