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A-Wing Roadster (1/24 scale model), Part 2

Things are moving along more quickly since Part 1  now that I'm finally using an airbrush. It's more precise and uses less paint than rattle cans, and I can use acrylics, which means less (if any) fumes and easy clean-up. I love it! Mechanic for scale. I settled my 1/48-or-1/72 scale problem when I realized the tires would be huge at those scales. I assembled a 1/24 scale Tamiya mechanic to see how he looked alongside the roadster and that was that (despite the Revell dragster/roadster donor kits (see part 1 ) being 1/25 scale). Also, here you can see I've added an extra beefy collar around the rod styrene axle. Cockpit. Now that she's 1/24 scale, I had to adjust the cockpit accordingly by scratch-building a seat from some leftover parts and some ridged sheet styrene. I should probably add some seat belts...but I doubt I will. Tight fit. I'll be honest: that cockpit looks uncomfortably (if not unrealistically) cramped. That steering whe

Christmas in the County 2017

30" x 36", oil on canvas, 2017, private collection Being a huge fan of music, I always feel lucky and happy when I get to participate in the design and/or illustration of a CD package for a band (or other musical project). I've done  a few of them  over the years, learning a lot along the way, and they've been plenty of fun, for the most part. A few months ago, Krista let me know that Lori Farrington, one of the organizers of the annual Christmas in the County fundraising album , was looking for an artist for the 2017 CD cover. I contacted Lori immediately about volunteering to illustrate the cover and offered to go beyond that and design the booklet as well. It turns out it's just a sleeve, but the track listing and credits still needed to be laid out on the back of it, so I took care of that...although, I don't know what the CD itself will look like, as I wasn't involved in that (somehow I let it slip my mind). They look great! Some of