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Blizzbox 2015

I was honoured to be asked and happy to participate in this fun calendar project, spearheaded by Blizzmax Gallery duo Peter and Alice Mennacher, which features prints all made at the wonderful Spark Box Studio . I'd been meaning to come up with some ideas for things to print at Spark Box for a few years now, and this was the perfect opportunity to get my ass into gear and print something. Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping, who run Spark Box together, are great teachers and my workshop in screen printing and in block printing helped me figure out which method I'd like to use for my print (of course, I still needed to come up with an idea). About halfway through the workshop I decided doing a lino cut block print would be my best option because it seemed like the speedier choice, considering the short deadline and my already-in-progress (and very huge)  War Project . I went home armed with freshly-learned block printing knowledge and a piece of linoleum I would eventual

Painting at Rose House Museum

Welcome! This week I'm at the Rose House Museum in Waupoos, Prince Edward County, painting another one of my pictures for my World War One Project  To the Sound of Trumpets . Similar, but different. This old homestead appears to use the same architectural blueprints that our house at Small Pond does, but with some noticeable differences. Beautiful day. The weather on Day One was perfect, and I'm sure it contributed to the many visitors that day. Inside. This room is the addition you can see (the white door just to the right of the Loyalist flag), but the house itself is laid out, and seems to have the same dimensions, as ours. Lots of neat stuff. The entire museum is a treasure trove of interesting and rare items from long ago. Lots of great details here. Indoor plumbing! Further into the additions you can see even more old things: Carpentry tools. Power tool. Foot-powered, that is. Clippers! A cha

Painting at Macaulay Heritage Park

Welcome! This week I worked on prepping a few canvases for my big World War One project in the church at Macaulay Heritage Park in Picton, Prince Edward County. I had planned to take the last of my nine Dance Partners (currently half finished), but I brought that with me on my second session there. Backside. Since my painting/drawing sessions at Macaulay (and the exhibition of all 100 paintings in November) were at the church, this post focuses on that building and the immediate grounds, rather than the rest of the heritage park (click the link below the pic below!). Macaulay House . Graves! The homes across the street and modern cars in this shot are a great contrast to what could easily be very old graves* somewhere in Europe. More graves. Tablets! Stained. I find it fascinating to note that so many "charitable donations" are made where credit to the donor is loud and clear. The writing at the bottom of each window (not legible

Painting at Ameliasburgh Historical Museum

Welcome! This week's on-site museum visit is the  Ameliasburgh Historical Museum  in the north end of Prince Edward County. This is an amazing village, partially restored and partially recreated to look like the pioneer times. The outer entrance is pretty and welcoming enough, but the second entrance is even more olde tymey... Again: welcome! There are tons of great buildings and artefacts all over the place, and my own self-guided tour revealed many fascinating and photogenic sights (I'm always collecting reference photos even if I don't have a specific or immediate* use for them). Old tech meets new tech. Of all the neat stuff around the grounds to see (come and see it!) I decided to share these two towers. I can imagine someone transported from a century ago wondering whatever could have happened to that other windmill, whereas a visitor from the future might wonder what kind of unusual telecom technology is being used by the tower on the left.

Painting at Mariners Park Museum

Welcome! Today I had my first of two painting sessions at the Mariners Park Museum in Prince Edward County as part of my big World War One Project entitled To the Sound of Trumpets . I'll be spending two days in each of PEC's five museums (not including the Museum of the Stick ), the idea being that people can come out to a museum they might not have been to before (or revisit one), or watch me paint (if they haven't already been bored by that yet), and ask me questions about this project, or general questions about painting...or about anything*, really. Surprise me. I'd scheduled myself to paint from 1–4, but I arrived early to take a look around the grounds and the museum itself... House of Light! Appropriately, they've got a life-sized lighthouse outside (and tiny models of them and parts of ones inside). They also have bits of ships all over the place, as though they all crashed right here: What's left of the Florence. And this thi