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Opera on the Rocks

8.5" x 11", ink and digital, 2007 This is the logo I redesigned for the Ambient Opera Society's production of their Opera on the Rocks which premiered in January 2008 and had another run during that year's Toronto Fringe Festival. This was a collaborative effort between librettists Leanna Brodie, Dave Carley, Lisa Codrington, Krista Dalby, and composer David Ogborn. The opera singers were Neil Aronoff, Neema Bickersteth, Alex Dobson, Carla Huhtanen, Jessica Lloyd, and Keith Klassen. OOTR was a site-specific piece set in a bar and Paupers Pub on Bloor Street was the venue for all the performances. I drew everything but the text with pencil on letter sized card stock, then inked it, then scanned it, and then in the computer I coloured it and added the text. Ta-daa: one logo to go.

Love in the Time of Terror

11" x 8.5", digital, 2006 This poster was for a one-night-only reading of five short plays written and directed by Krista Dalby dealing with the theme of terrorism. The date was chosen specifically to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the USA, although none of the plays are about that event. Almost (represented by the heart with the fuse) was written a few years before the other four and is my favourite of Krista's plays; it moves me every time I see it. The other four plays that comprise Love in the Time of Terror are (in order of performance and appearance on the poster) The Prisoner , Terror Depot , The Fall , and Hear Me . Almost and Terror Depot are brilliantly infused with humour and they serve to lighten some of the heaviness of the overall theme. I did this entirely digitally and with minimal colours to make it look like a ransom note or propaganda which has been hastily assembled, but Krista put a lot of thought into the

An Evening with Krista Dalby

17" x 11", digital, 2005 While thinking about the Albee vs Dalby poster, I thought maybe Krista's plays deserve a night of their own. I already picked the date for the showdown to coincide with her birthday, so this one has the date of our anniversary. Flea Circus Productions is an actual production company set up by Krista and a couple of friends to produce Krista's Fertility Rites (and other shows), so it was only logical to have them "produce" this elegant evening as well as the showdown. $40 is a fair price to see these five excellent plays --especially at CanStage! My favourite part of this poster (aside from the audacious concept itself) is the flurry of curving and verbose text all over the place.