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Small Pond Arts Puppet Wagon (1/24 scale model)

I dreamed up the Small Pond Shipyard for my fanciful scratch-built sci-fi airship creations (which still only exist in sketch/Photoshop mock-up form (and boxes in my closet) for now), but more and more ideas kept coming ( this wind turbine , for example, will be part of a rather elaborate diorama I'll be working on this winter). But the Puppet Wagon was a sleeper surprise, to be sure. [Really, though, I don't know why I was so eager to build this right away since I was planning to slowly develop my modelling skills with simpler builds first and the work my way up to more complicated projects.] Not all parts were used/needed. Most of these ideas have come from watching modelling videos online, and when I saw a review of this sweet little Japanese "Ramen Shop" food truck by Aoshima (right-side drive!), my brain started making jokes about customizing it to the weird food truck ideas I'd been posting on Facebook. But the more I thought about what the co

Twin-prop Wind Turbine (1/24 scale model)

I'm in the early stages of building a diorama based on one line from the song Red Barchetta by Rush  (I like the idea and it'll use up a lot of surplus parts from other builds –also: I get to build a barn!*). Since the setting is a barn in the future, with the barn being quite aged, and the car (the main focus) being rather contemporary, I wanted to somehow indicate The Future by adding some advanced technology. My initial impulse was to build a hover or jet bike of some kind but that might upstage the main scenario, so I opted to make the barn off-grid but still powered. Scratch building some solar panels for the roof is still an option, but the idea of a weird and futuristic small scale wind turbine lodged in my brain, so I gathered some bits and pieces from a couple of Messerschmitt kits and a tank kit I bought as kitbash donors for other builds. Not everything above was used, and other parts were added, but keen-eyed veteran model builders will identify engine