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West Hill Fence Co. Truck, Version 1 (1:24 scale model), Part 2

In the last shots of Part 1 I had done a test-fit mock-up of the various truck parts before final assembly, but there was still a ways to go before completion. Open sesame! Unlike the grill of the Version 2 truck, this one came closed (which is weird, considering it's a slightly larger scale). Rather than leaving it and just painting it black, I opted to open up the grill and install some mesh behind it. You can see the sequence above: original closed grill, then many tiny holes drilled with my pin vise, then more holes using a larger bit, then cleaning it up with a sharp blade and a file until... Cleaned up! Opening up the grill took a while, but it was satisfying and made it more realistic, so it was worth it. Multi-prep. Clockwise from top centre: the backs of the tail lights are painted silver (clear red will later go on the outside...and I had to deal with some weird fit issues for the tail lights, resulting in some slight gaposis that I