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Cheers! (bottle & mug)

Cheers! (bottle & mug)* each: 8" x 6", oil on wood panel, 2014 Back in May, a rep from Barley Days Brewery  –the local (and only) beer brewery here in Prince Edward County – came by my gallery and asked if I would be interested in participating in their Small Pint Art Show  near the end of June. He had two small wood panels with him and, as we chatted, getting to know each other a bit, my mind was composing various possible images I could paint. Clearly, I became interested, and the results were the smallest oil paintings I've done so far. (banana for scale) The Small Pint Art Show  opens at the Barley Days Brewery in Picton on 24 June from 5–7pm . *despite the illusion-by-cropping of the two single photos (above), these paintings aren't framed in wood; the sides of the deep panels are painted black (as seen below).

Kodak Duaflex IV

24" x 18", oil on canvas, 2014 I've featured this lovely camera in various paintings* over the years, but this is the first time it's on its own –and it's about damn time! I acquired this camera in the mid-90s at a flea market and I thought, perhaps, I'd collect a few other old cameras for their aesthetic qualities (and subjects for my paintings) rather than their functionality since I already had a good SLR for my photography needs. This is technically part of a series of vintage cameras I'm painting and it's the second Kodak to appear after this old Instamatic . I don't have any brand loyalty to Kodak (my film SLR is a Minolta (no longer in use) and my digital SLR is a Nikon (currently in much use)), they just happened to make some nice-looking cameras that I enjoy. I have two other old Kodaks set up on panels ready and waiting to be painted when I get a chance to indulge myself in this side-series... *chronologically: umbilical , C