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Small Pond Shipyard Automotive Projects List

This is the main hub for all my automotive Shipyard model projects. Thinking I'd be doing mostly  science fiction-based models  when I returned to this hobby in 2015, I didn't expect I'd build more than one or two cars at most, but, at the time of writing this post, I've already done three and I have plans for several more, so I've made this hub to collect them all. I've also been making some architectural models , so there's a collection for that, too.   Projects are in chronological order, and new ones will be added as they're completed. To read about the origin of the  Small Pond Shipyard  click the SPS logo at the bottom of this post. Click on the various images to see the build log for that project:

West Hill Fence Co. Truck, Version 2 (1:25 scale model), Part 2

For details on the what, the why, and the beginning of this build, please refer to Part One . Braced and walled. The last photo of the truck in Part One was almost the same angle as above, but the wooden walls were just leaning against each other to stand upright on the flatbed. Here, posts/braces have been attached with super glue and a wall with bars has been scratch-built and installed just behind the cab. The triangular bits reinforcing the wall are the off-cuts from the back panel where the tail lights are attached. The bars atop the styrene wall were originally attached to the front bumper of the wrecker (see box art in Part One), but I snipped it off because my uncle's truck didn't have such a structure, and then I noticed it would work well on the flatbed, so on it went. I broke one of the bars (on the right) while trying to separate the bars from the bumper, so I trimmed another one to look like the bars had been damaged through regular daily use ove