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The Watercolours of 2016

Since it can be difficult to find an individual painting or groups of paintings on a blog, even if you click on a tag/label, I've decided to gang up all my recent watercolours in one post. I've also done this with my County 101 and 33 on 33 marathon series (and my models, Sci-Fi and Automotive ), and I might even go back and do this with some others like my Interiors, Yupo, and Sunflowers series. So here are all 19 of my watercolour paintings of 2016 (not including a small handful of commissions) in one handy place. Click on a painting to go to its own post for details and info. Krista and Caitlin in Banff 15" x 22", watercolour, 2016 Rosebud in Picton Harbour 15" x 22", watercolour, 2016 Taylors' Tractor 15" x 22", watercolour, 2016 The Crossing 15" x 22", watercolour, 2016 With Fever You Wil Have A Bout 22" x 15", watercolour, 2016 Stojan at Greenwood & Dundas 22" x 15