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"To the Sound of Trumpets" Exhibition Video

To the sound of voice and piano. During the exhibition of my World War One painting project (11-30 November 2014) I had a selection of music playing in the venue ( Macaulay Church Museum in Picton, ON) to convey an overall sense of melancholy –not sadness– while visitors looked at the paintings. Among the songs was one called "So" by my friend, writer and musician  Gayleen Froese , which always makes me think of a snowy winter's day whenever I hear it –and we did get some snow during the exhibition. The mood of it was perfect for my show and I was very happy when she said I could use it for a video showing all of the paintings in their proper display order, starting with the Archduke Ferdinand and his assassin, and ending with the Remembrance section. This video lasting 3 minutes and 45 seconds represents almost ten months of work, from the first documentary watched to the last brush stroke applied (not to mention the 8 hours spent hanging the show the day be