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Showing posts from May, 2020

Count Floyd

Count Floyd 14" x 17", oil on Bristol board, 2020 Even as a young kid, I knew right away that the brilliant Joe Flaherty played Count Floyd, but it took me a while to realize Count Floyd was played by Floyd Robertson, the news anchor also played by Flaherty. And that's one of the many reasons I love SCTV: they created a world in which the characters inhabit together like a repertory company and this allows (among much else) for the real person Joe Flaherty to play the character Floyd Robertson and for Floyd Robertson to then play the character Count Floyd (which is a wonderful tribute to all the news anchors, sports and weather reporters, etc. of local news shows who doubled as early morning cartoon show or late nite horror movie show hosts). Here's very scary time lapse video of me painting the Count:

Mrs. Falbo

Mrs. Falbo 14" x 17", oil on Bristol board, 2020 Continuing my portrait series of my favourite SCTV characters, here's my rendition of the brilliant Andrea Martin's colourful and bizarre children's TV host, Mrs. Falbo. Her princess dress  is pretty spectacular, but I wanted to add a bit more colour and reference the episode where she sings a song to teach us how to count to ten. The design of the numbers is based directly on the ones the brilliant John Candy's Mr. Messenger (Falbo's sidekick/assistant) ran by with in the background, desperately trying to keep up with the fast pace of the song. Here's a time lapse video of me painting Mrs. Falbo: