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Baba's Peppers

40" x 30", oil on canvas, 2005 This is my grandmother on my father's side at her home in the small village of Nospal in Macedonia. She's stringing up peppers to be hung and dried (like the ones on the wall) for later use as seasoning in the amazing dishes she'll make. The photo my dad took that this painting is based upon was taken during his trip there about ten years ago. She was a very hard worker all her life even up until her death in 2004 and I'm happy to have been able to include her among my weirdly-diverse paintings in my show at  Dinkel's in Belleville. Dinkel's 44 Bridge Street, East, Belleville, Ontario


30" x 40", oil on canvas, 2001 This was one of 15 of my paintings on display at Dinkel's in Belleville as part of the Quinte Arts Council's Art in the Community project. The show was quite diverse as there were other paintings from my Interiors series, my Green Chair series, and a few one-shots in the restaurant. The show ran until 29 October. This painting is a "tilt down" of this painting . The light source at the top here is a floor lamp I specifically positioned to light the far room --something I didn't do in the picture I linked to, therefore my needing to come up with a solution, so I put Ashley in the background. Sometimes I don't see things until the picture is developed. But I can almost always "fix it in post." The light source at the bottom of the stairs is a bunch of tea lights --the same ones (and the only things) I used to light the scene in this painting . The objects above the candles are some shoes of the ladie