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September Sketch Fest Part 31

Here are the last few post-worthy sketches from my  Sketchbook #27 from 2006. These were made using one unbroken line (no lifting the pen!) to draw the pictures.

September Sketch Fest Part 30

More from Sketchbook #27 :

County 101 Time-lapse Promo

This week I finally put together a short clip which simultaneously acts as both a souvenir of my painting marathon from last year and a promo for my upcoming one in November. If you live in Prince Edward County, there's still time to send your suggestions to ; What is YOUR Prince Edward County? More music by Supposubly can be heard at  SoundCloud .

September Sketch Fest Part 29

More from Sketchbook #27:

September Sketch Fest Part 28

More from Sketchbook #27:

September Sketch Fest Part 27

Continuing from where I left off during last year's September Sketch Fest , here are drawings from my Sketchbook #27 (from May–December 2006). These will be sometimes thematically grouped, but they're in no particular order.

Project Announcement: County 101

Having successfully completed 33 on 33 , my plein air painting journey across the section of Highway 33 that cuts through PEC, painting one site-specific oil painting per day for 33 consecutive days, I'm going to explore and study the subject of the County even further –going back to school, in a manner of speaking– learning what makes PEC so special to the folks who live here by asking the big question: "What's YOUR Prince Edward County?" Last December, I stayed awake for 100 hours and (due to a slight miscalculation) painted 101 black & white ink portraits of friends and strangers, and you can read about that project on the  Burning the Midnight Oil  blog. Here's a short video I made...and here's a  selection of portraits from last year's marathon: That format seemed like a good fit for my  County 101 project, so at 4pm on November 18 until 9pm on November 22 , I'll undertake another epic painting marathon, i.e. 101 black & wh