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Romulan Bird of Prey ATROPOS (1/650 scale model), Part 1

Below is the Round 2 reissue of the AMT Romulan Bird of Prey kit from the 1960s...and while it's nice that they re-used (most of) the original box art, they also re-used the original mold...and it's not very accurate to the studio model. The only new additions to the model itself are optional clear domes for the ends of the nacelles (for ease of lighting) and a "plasma weapon" piece that goes on the very front of the ship. Original 1960s box art. Right before Christmas 2016 I received this kit in a Secret Santa situation and I thought maybe this would become a donor kit for other builds or maybe get somehow kit bashed with my defiantly-unbuilt  Defiant ? But, after some thought, I decided I now wanted to build a Romulan ship. Building it box stock was out of the question from the get-go, and after looking at a few videos of folks building this kit, and doing a good job of it (even some folks accurizing it to better match the studio model), I decided to ap

U.S.S. Enterprise Refit Restoration, Part 3

Still in drydock. As mentioned in Part 1 , I began restoration of this model (which I built in 1992) to have it completed for Star Trek's 50th anniversary on September 8...of 2016. I regret that I let this project slip past that date with still lots of work to do, and this post's a very late update of where I left it in late summer, 2016. Adding to my regret is a little bit of guilt that I'm currently hard at work on an enemy ship! I received a Romulan Bird of Prey kit in a Secret Santa situation just before Christmas and I've been making some good progress on updating that ship to near-movie-era stylings via kit bashing and scratch building. I haven't abandoned the big E, but it does take up more space and I'm sorta biding my time until I figure out airbrushing, since I might prefer to paint the 1701 that way instead of using the rattle cans I've purchased for the main colour. Clamped. In my last update , I had done all the sanding I was goin

U.S.S. Defiant, NX-74205 (1/420 scale model)

No attempt was made. I was on a bit of a roll, I guess, in the 1990s with my starship modelling, starting with the re-fit Enterprise  around 1992 and ending with the Voyager  just a few years later, totaling five Star Trek ships and one Star Wars A-Wing . My momentum must have waned...or something...but I never got around to even starting the Defiant , which I must have bought soon after finishing the Voyager . I looked at it a couple of times in the next decade, fully intending to build it, but it didn't happen then, either. All parts accounted for. Although I have resumed my modelling hobby (even currently –albeit slowly– trying to resurrect my aforementioned  Enterprise ), I still don't feel like building this  Defiant . I know a whole lot more about properly building models than I did decades ago and, as a result, I think I might be intimidated by the amount of work I might insist on putting into this kit. Back then, I'd have been happy to just assemble it