14 January 2017

U.S.S. Defiant, NX-74205 (1/420 scale model)

No attempt was made.

I was on a bit of a roll, I guess, in the 1990s with my starship modelling, starting with the re-fit Enterprise around 1992 and ending with the Voyager just a few years later, totaling five Star Trek ships and one Star Wars A-Wing. My momentum must have waned...or something...but I never got around to even starting the Defiant, which I must have bought soon after finishing the Voyager. I looked at it a couple of times in the next decade, fully intending to build it, but it didn't happen then, either.

All parts accounted for.

Although I have resumed my modelling hobby (even currently –albeit slowly– trying to resurrect my aforementioned Enterprise), I still don't feel like building this Defiant. I know a whole lot more about properly building models than I did decades ago and, as a result, I think I might be intimidated by the amount of work I might insist on putting into this kit. Back then, I'd have been happy to just assemble it and do a basic paint-and-decal job –like the rest of my 1990s ships– now, I'm afraid I'd want to go all-out.

Admittedly, assembly would be very easy (just look at that low parts count!), even if I had to putty up some seams due to fit issues. No worries there.
I've only lit one model so far (and plan to do more), but I think lighting this kit would be fairly easy since it's so big and open inside...and after market custom lighting kits for this ship are out there...

Sounds like I'm talking myself into building this, doesn't it?

Nice decals.

No, I think it's the intricate painting patterns required to make the ship look screen accurate that I have an aversion to. All that masking and so on –I'm just not that passionate about this ship. Of course, there are probably amazing after market decals to take care of most of the markings, but still: I'm just not feeling it.

Besides, I'd be making a ship that's been made excellently by some great modellers out there already, so I wouldn't be breaking any new ground (my same reason for not wanting to build a Millenium Falcon, despite liking its design a lot). Building models "box stock" doesn't have that much appeal to me (despite the few I've recently built like Threepio and the Y-Wing...and a few others I'll be building eventually).

And where would I put it?

I still like the look of the Defiant and the role it played on Deep Space Nine; she's a great ship! But I have no intention of building (but maybe selling?) this kit...I'll probably end up using the parts for kitbashing...somehow...

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