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Red Barchetta (1/25 scale model)

My friends invited me to see Rush in Toronto this summer and it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up: they were my companions for my first Rush concert in 1987 and drummer Neil Peart has recently announced he's retiring, so it would bring the four of us full circle, being my companions for my last Rush concert. On the way back to the train station, we mused about possible dioramas involving songs or ideas from Rush's repertoire of over 150 songs. There might be some ideas somewhere that we didn't explore, but of the ones mentioned, the only one that appealed to me (as a builder) was "illustrating" the song –or elements thereof– " Red Barchetta " from their album Moving Pictures. And, most appealing to me, it would involve building a barn. The kit. The bag on the bottom left containing white plastic parts is the plow from a Revell pickup truck I'll be converting into one of my uncle's fencing trucks and the bag with the silver