01 October 2019

The Clarity of Empty Vessels, Phase 2

CEV Phase 2 A
14" x 11", oil on canvas, 2019

CEV Phase 2 B
14" x 11", oil on canvas, 2019

In my post about Phase 1 I mentioned and linked to the trio of paintings I did in 2010 featuring wine in wine glasses with a few other items, but it was this painting below that specifically inspired this challenging new series...

Full-bodied, A
18" x 14", oil on canvas, 2010

13 September 2019

Restrained Fury

Restrained Fury
18" x 24", oil on wood panel, 2019

Pencils (with circle).

I felt the composition needed something in the upper right, so I drew a circle there, but I don't think I'm going to keep it as a clearly-defined shape.

Blocking-in shadows.

Along with the shadows, I blocked-in the dark background and softened that circle in the upper right. I'm still not sure what to do with it...

Close, but something's off...

Blue highlights on right. 

The right side of the head and neck weren't looking right until I realized I needed some definite blues (rather than trying to make it work with pale violets) and then it all came together. Now for some blue highlights in the coat...

Close-up featuring ear.

20 August 2019

Ted Maczka 2

Ted Maczka
17" x 14", ink on Bristol board, 2019,
private collection.

This was a commission done as a house-warming gift and was based on my oil painting of Ted Maczka (below), Prince Edward County's famous Fish Lake Garlic Man. The commissioner was aware that the recipient knew Ted well and missed him (Ted died in 2013), so I was more than happy to paint this one.

Ted Maczka
36" x 24", oil on canvas, 2011,
collection of the County of Prince Edward
Public Library and Archives