13 November 2016

Inside A Broken Clock, 2

22" x 15", watercolour, 2016

It's unlikely that this one will get translated into a larger oil painting in the new year, unlike #1, which has the superior composition.


Kimwun detail.

Below is the third video I streamed live while painting this painting (and #1). I don't quite finish either painting in this video, but significant progress was made...

11 November 2016

Inside A Broken Clock, 1

15" x 22", watercolour, 2016


It's possible some of these 13 recent watercolours, including this one (seeing as it was originally intended as an oil and noted in the sketch as a possible watercolour (secondary mission: accomplished!)), will see life as larger oil paintings in the new year. I find the addition of the background in the watercolour far more interesting than the blank void of the sketch, so that might be carried over.

Denim detail.

I forgot how much I like painting jeans in watercolours until this latest round of pictures (4 of the 13 have people wearing jeans).

Form description detail.

Jeans are fun, but I liked the softness of the track pants here, showing the cylindrical nature of that thigh...and that faint colour reflection of the chair is nice, too.

Watch some video of me painting this and Inside A Broken Clock, 2 HERE.

28 October 2016

Lost in a Riddle

15" x 22", watercolour, 2016

This concludes the unexpected trio of moody, figures-in-a-forest paintings along with Artificial Heart and Things Are Looking Up. Read about the influence of painter Jon J Muth (on these three paintings specifically, and on my overall practice in general) in the posts for the other two pictures. And, more comprehensively, here.

Detail showing off hair.

In many ways, it still looks like the way I've been painting hair (in watercolours) for a long time, now, but in some small ways, the hair here has some Muthiness that makes me happy. I'm beginning to get the hang of this, I think.

Some of my work on this painting was streamed live and you can watch a recording of that here.