Kodak Duaflex IV

24" x 18", oil on canvas, 2014

I've featured this lovely camera in various paintings* over the years, but this is the first time it's on its own –and it's about damn time!

I acquired this camera in the mid-90s at a flea market and I thought, perhaps, I'd collect a few other old cameras for their aesthetic qualities (and subjects for my paintings) rather than their functionality since I already had a good SLR for my photography needs.

This is technically part of a series of vintage cameras I'm painting and it's the second Kodak to appear after this old Instamatic. I don't have any brand loyalty to Kodak (my film SLR is a Minolta (no longer in use) and my digital SLR is a Nikon (currently in much use)), they just happened to make some nice-looking cameras that I enjoy. I have two other old Kodaks set up on panels ready and waiting to be painted when I get a chance to indulge myself in this side-series...

*chronologically: umbilical, Corona Solis (radar), Aisha with Camera 1, Aisha with Camera 2 & 3Aisha with Camera (white), My Advantage Point


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