04 August 2009

An Evening with Krista Dalby

17" x 11", digital, 2005

While thinking about the Albee vs Dalby poster, I thought maybe Krista's plays deserve a night of their own. I already picked the date for the showdown to coincide with her birthday, so this one has the date of our anniversary.
Flea Circus Productions is an actual production company set up by Krista and a couple of friends to produce Krista's Fertility Rites (and other shows), so it was only logical to have them "produce" this elegant evening as well as the showdown.

$40 is a fair price to see these five excellent plays --especially at CanStage!

My favourite part of this poster (aside from the audacious concept itself) is the flurry of curving and verbose text all over the place.

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