28 August 2014

Painting at Rose House Museum


This week I'm at the Rose House Museum in Waupoos, Prince Edward County, painting another one of my pictures for my World War One Project To the Sound of Trumpets.

Similar, but different.

This old homestead appears to use the same architectural blueprints that our house at Small Pond does, but with some noticeable differences.

Beautiful day.

The weather on Day One was perfect, and I'm sure it contributed to the many visitors that day.


This room is the addition you can see (the white door just to the right of the Loyalist flag), but the house itself is laid out, and seems to have the same dimensions, as ours.

Lots of neat stuff.

The entire museum is a treasure trove of interesting and rare items from long ago.

Lots of great details here.

Indoor plumbing!

Further into the additions you can see even more old things:

Carpentry tools.

Power tool.
Foot-powered, that is.


A charming still-life.

Uncanny or by design?

I don't suppose there's any way of finding out whether this wallpaper sample had been taken from the sink room floor as seen above or if it was altered a bit to resemble a certain landmass I immediately recognized as soon as I saw this.

The painting I brought with me deals with the section of my project called The War at Home, largely focusing on life in Prince Edward County during wartime. I've found some interesting stories from a century ago that I'll illustrate in addition to showing women working in factories and farms to take up the slack caused by so many men going to Europe to fight.

I kinda like it like this.

I got a bit more done before I left, but I like this progress shot of the half-finished painting, looking like a collage of some kind.

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