Five Year Review, 2018

Five years ago I made perhaps too much of a muchness of my 25th anniversary of painting (I began in 1988), but now that series of posts serves as my autobiographical origin story.

This year –my 30th anniversary– I'm not making as much of a muchness since the occasion, like my birthday, only has any real meaning for me. I did a celebratory painting (above) but there's no party, no big deal. I am feeling quite reflective, though (as usual, 'round this time of year), so this post will simply be a look back at the past five years. Almost everything is here; some things I've left out for various reasons, some things I'm sure I've just forgotten.

Click on the titles of each item to find out more...

––––––––[   2014   ]––––––––

––––––––[   2015   ]––––––––

My return to scale modelling.

Screen-printed Mounties.

––––––––[   2016   ]––––––––

West Hill Fence Company Truck Version 2

My Statuarial watercolours.

West Hill Fence Company Truck Version 1

13 more paintings in my favourite medium.

––––––––[   2017   ]––––––––

I now also build architectural models.

My first big painting collaboration.

CD Cover for a local anthology.

––––––––[   2018   ]––––––––

Eddie Murphy's car from Beverly Hills Cop.

Ice Box logo.


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