Night at the Library Poster

11" x 8.5", digital, 2018.

Some time in the late summer of 2018 I was approached to provide a poster design and illustration for an event intended to raise some funds for the expansion of the Picton Library here in Prince Edward County. Having done an ink painting of the front of the library at night as part of my County 101 series a while back, I had an immediate vision of what I thought the poster image might be: a head-on view with all the windows glowing as though something extremely bright was inside the entire building.

Illustration pre-installation.

Using a photo as reference, I built an elevation view of the library in CorelDraw, concentrating on the building and the front steps, ignoring details like the benches and trees out front. I then exported the drawing to Photoshop where I added the glowing effect. Then it went back to CorelDraw for installation into the poster design where I added the text afterward.

A digital expansion.

Of course, I only drew what I needed for the vertically-oriented poster, and I quickly realized I'd need a wider version for Facebook and other horizontally-oriented uses (like newspaper ads). I don't know why I didn't colour the grass green in this version...

Extra wide for Facebook, etc.

Adding the event's logo was a bit awkward, but that's Facebook, for you. The amount of "glow" is different because of the various iterations and back-and-forth between programs.

They even made t-shirts!

...and a gigantic version of the poster
for a storefront on Main Street!


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