04 November 2018

2018 Firelight Lantern Festival Poster

2018 theme: SPACE.

This year is the sixth Firelight Lantern Festival here in lovely Picton, Ontario, and I'm happy to continue the motif of silhouettes of people on parade with their lanterns changing each year to reflect the current theme (here are the previous five posters). As with the others, this is a combination of ink and digital illustration.

Even though there are probably less than a dozen examples of my extreme love of science fiction and real space exploration in my paintings, this affinity is clearly represented in many of my scale models.

2014 Lantern Fest theme: AIR.

This year I'll be once again strapping into the Mark 2 jetpack I built a few years ago...


The Mark 2 was created in time for Kingston's Skeleton Park Arts Festival in 2015 and used the same fabric flames as the Mark 1, but everything else was built from scratch.

Flight mode in Kingston.

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