Andy's Original (Honey Dill) Elements

Dill Weed
15" x 11", watercolour, 2016, private collection

Beehive (Skep)
15" x 11", watercolour, 2016, private collection

These label illustrations were done last year for a local Prince Edward County business getting underway called PEC Foods that specializes in an all-purpose dressing that is suitable for many kinds of foods besides salads. This is a sort of sneak peek since these elements will only be part of the label in a combined illustration which also features a watercolour portrait I did of Andy.

Andy's first dressing style is honey dill (that much should be obvious) and I can honestly say that it's quite tasty.

UPDATE (March 2018):
Here's a link to the next two illustrations for Andy's follow-up dressing, Tomato Basil.


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