06 December 2008

deux photos

4' x 5', oil on canvas, 2002

The largest painting I've done so far* (not including two murals in high school), it's the same window as in this painting (just pan right and tilt up).

For extra angles and interruption I opened the door on the right. I enjoyed painting this one very much because of all the little fiddly bits like the ribbons and the stained glass; working at this scale enabled me to really get in there and play around in the space. I think it turned out very well and I like how there's a lot going on without it being busy.

*I have a companion piece sort of begun for this (at the same size) which is a close up of the plants, ornaments, and ribbons, making it sort of an abstract painting. I prepped it at the same time as the one above and started painting it a few years ago but never continued (partly because of laziness, partly because I forget about it). I should really just finish the damn thing...

UPDATE: Here's that big one, now called Brollies, for some reason.

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