10 June 2009

Michael Jordan (x 2)

Sportski en Plastique (Bulls)
26' x 20", watercolour (on Yupo), 2009, private collection

Michael Jordan
16" x 14", watercolour (on traditional watercolour paper), 1996, private collection

Here's another couple of paintings whose subject matter is separated by thirteen years. I did paint (but can't find) another basketball painting I did that was reminiscent of my early football painting, but the portrait of Michael Jordan (as #23) complements the action painting of him (as #45) better anyway.

You can see my technique "loosening up" in the earlier Jordan painting --and it isn't too bad. In retrospect, I should have explored that avenue further at the time, however, I think it'd be interesting to try my loose, spattery technique I'm employing for my Yupo-based paintings on regular watercolour paper and see how that works out.

Neither of these paintings is based on my own photography.

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