20 September 2009

Pilot Show

This Wednesday (23 September) at 8PM is the opening night of my show at The Pilot Tavern in Yorkville. Venue details are at the bottom of this post.
A dozen of my watercolour paintings of cars on Yupo plastic were hung there today and they look great. The show will stay up until around New Year's, so if you can't make the opening night (which promises to be a blast), feel free to stop by and enjoy The Pilot's ambiance, have a few drinks, and look at some fine art over the next few months.

This happens to be my 100th post and I'm celebrating with a bright new look for the blog. The new banner image is from one of a trio of recent watercolour paintings on Yupo of a friend striking martial arts poses while weilding deadly kitchen utensils (the deadliness of which, I guess, is purely contextual).

Autos en Plastiques Opening Night
Wednesday 23 September 2009 at 8:00PM
The Pilot Tavern
22 Cumberland Street (Yorkville)
Toronto, ON

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