16 February 2010

Streetcar 01

14" x 17", ink and wash on bristol board, 2006, private collection

From last to first. This was the first streetcar painting I did --and where I realized how damn challenging it was going to be to paint window after window, (in painting after painting) on these things. But they're integral to the design and I like them, so I forged ahead --but only until #14 in inks (I'll meet the challenge again when I eventually get around to making colour paintings of these streetcars).

I chose to render most parts of the backgrounds using only light washes (of ink diluted in water) rather than using the dark washes and ink straight from the pot as I did in the trolleys. This helps to create contrast between the background and the streetcars and, interestingly, simulates a sort of nifty depth of field, making the streetcars seem to pop out.

I prefer to work from my own photographs, but, not being able to find these old streetcars anymore, I resorted to using the Internet, so step forward and claim your  image, photographers.

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