20 June 2010

Artevino 2010

Yesterday was the big Artevino show at the Crystal Palace in Picton (I was in the Terroir event there just a few weeks ago). My set-up was in one of the giant tents, hence the blown-out background in that photo. It rained a wee bit, but since they attached the walls, all of us stayed dry. I would have preferred to be inside the Crystal Palace itself.

But, then again, if I were, I may not have met Peter Paylor. While Krista and I were setting up my stuff, we noticed that directly across from us was a sculptor whose work we admired since seeing some of it in a gallery a few months ago in Belleville. We went over to chat a few times and eventually bought two of Peter's pieces (one for a friend) before the show even began.

Paintings in the photo above
Back row: Aisha with Camera 1, Fuel 3 [sold], Red Wine (Coke 5) [sold], Je Pense [sold]
Middle row: Oiseau 04-B [sold], Full-bodied (c), Full-bodied (b) [sold], Full-bodied (a), Unravel Me 2 [sold]
Laying flat: Oiseaux 12 [sold], Oiseau 02-A
Front row: Reservoir Lounge, Oiseau 15 [sold]

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