08 April 2011


22" x 15", watercolour, 1998

This was painting number 52 during the year that I forced myself to paint one picture per week (previously mentioned here). With it, I had reached a milestone in my practicepracticepractice project --which I ominously named "Operation: Waterstorm," to help instill in me a sort of military-like discipline to achieve my goal. I reached #52 early (some time in the fall, I think) and had time (and energy) for eleven more for a total of 63 paintings in 1998 (all watercolour; I had yet to explore oils).
[type in 1998 in the search box waay in the top left and peruse many of my paintings from that year]

I noticed over the course of the year that my skills were gradually improving. Not every painting was a gem, and there were some even in the later weeks that were not so hot (or had areas of not-so-hotness), but, overall, practicing watercolours day after day for a year taught me a lot about the medium and a lot about myself.
The main thing it taught me was that I did not have a gift and I was not lucky; if I wanted to be a good watercolourist, I had to paint and paint and paint. Whatever "talent" I had was most likely determination, commitment, passion for the medium, and lots of patience (watercolours demand patience).
Watercolours are hard. But I love them.

Note: this is the same model (wearing the same top) as the one in the previous post below.
Also note: subtle matrix background.

Another milestone of sorts:
I started this blog three years ago yesterday with a post about my Dad.

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