10 September 2011

Follow-through (Cabernet Franc)

These are the next pair –of six– wine-themed paintings actually painted with wine which will be available for purchase at the Small Pond Arts Gallery during the 2011 Prince Edward County Studio Tour. This time the wine is a 2008 Cabernet Franc from Casa Dea Estates Winery in Prince Edward County, where I now live and work.

As I mentioned earlier, red wine alone cannot provide a tone dark enough for my tastes (I like having great contrast), so I had to supplement these wine paintings with a bit of watercolour (at a wine-to-watercolour ratio of about 9:1).

Still Life in Cab Franc
22" x 15", red wine and watercolour, 2011

Toast in Cab Franc
15" x 22", red wine and watercolour, 2011

These wine paintings are based on my own photographs and, not having a model on hand at the time, the one above is based on two separate shots of my own hands which I combined in Photoshop for reference.

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