Silver Jubilee: Supplemental

approx. 12" x 14", oil on paper, 1989 (or 1990), whereabouts uncertain

While looking through some photos to scan one of the painting I was going to post today (my existing scan isn't as good as I would like), I found a pic of this old thing: it's my very first oil painting done during the same winter I first started working in watercolours (unless I'm misremembering and I did it the following winter (1989-90)).

And I may be misremembering even further, but I think I did this one at school on some scrap of card stock or something and it's entirely made up, i.e. I didn't use any reference (but maybe that's obvious). I remember thinking I really liked the fuzzy technique and that this is how I would like to paint when working in oils, but for some bizarre reason I didn't really try to make that happen as evidenced by a couple of photos of other early oils I did around the same time. I still kind of like that's like looking through pebbled glass.

Aside from that handful of paintings, it would be more than a decade before I made a concerted effort to paint regularly in oils.

This may still be at my parents' house; I'll have to check next time I'm out there so I can get an even better photo.


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