28 February 2014


14" x 17", ink on Bristol board, 2004

My brief foray into erotica consists of one (somewhat mild) ink painting.

This was based on a photo shoot I did earlier that year after I was approached by three young ladies who were eager to be in some of my paintings...and they wanted to pose nude for me. I was single at the time and I prefer taking my own reference photos, anyway (unlike the nudes in my Sunflowers series and elsewhere, which were from magazines), so how could I resist?

I promised them the (quite tasteful) photos themselves would never be published as such, but I was (and still am) able to use them as reference for artwork, as that was the intent of the shoot.

I never got around to doing more paintings from that session, but there is one other photo from it that I plan to use in an upcoming oil painting –but, alas, there's no nudity in that one, either...just whispering...

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