02 April 2014

Postmodern Pranksterism

each watercolour panel: 15" x 11", coloured pencil words, 1994

Here's my friend, Trish, again, making faces at a bunch of concepts that would buzz around my head and keep me awake at nights (some still do). This was a talisman of sorts, exorcising the demons onto paper, mocking them in the process, hoping to quell the fury.
I think her amazingly silly expressions balance out the heavy-handedness of the words.

While experimenting with windows-in-the-mat design/framing (see: Body Language and Go Ahead and Laugh), I wanted to add some text that would be virtually fade-proof, my considered options at the time were inks, graphite pencil, and coloured pencils (which I finally chose because I wanted to alternate colours, but, if I were to do this type of thing now, I might just use black ink and run all the words together, maybe only separated by capital letters).

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