28 September 2017

Yankee Go Home

by Milé Murtanovski and Celia Sage
24" x 24", oil on canvas, 2017
[HOME: Phase Two]

As an immigrant to Canada myself, it seemed logical to recast Milé's female figure as myself on the day I arrived.  Milé's Macedonian word balloon was more problematic, however, so I searched for phrases using "home" to find something that would suit my context, and I came up with the title, which seems to dovetail nicely with Milé's original idea.*  (Google Translate** helped me render it in what I hope is Macedonian, in keeping with the letter on his side of the painting, which I retained as a decorative element). I use the phrase humorously here but not without a grain of truth.

– Celia Sage 

Conform or Be Cast Out
by Milé Murtanovski
24" x 24", oil on canvas, 2017
[HOME: Phase One]

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*In my painting, the Macedonian word written in Cyrillic is "English."

**Unfortunately, Google Translate was slightly off in its conjugation of "go," so the Mountie is actually saying "Yankee, I'm going home."

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