17 April 2008

Krista Mindies Gaudi

17" x 14", ink on paper, 2005

Just got back from seeing Vantage Point tonight and since the movie was set in Spain and I was with my lovely girlfriend, Krista, I thought I'd post this painting of her in front of Sagrada Familia which is also in Spain.

Although Krista has really been to Spain and has seen the great church in person, this painting is actually based upon two separate photos: one of Krista I took while at a friend's cottage, and the other is a photo of the church from a book on Antoni Gaudi, its architect. I've done many paintings this way, sometimes shooting separate elements (models, backgrounds) years apart.

The "Mindies" part of the title refers to her pigtails --what a very young Krista used to call them in reference to
Mindy's pigtails. Thus the title refers to the elements in order of proximity to the viewer.

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