30 November 2008

deux vases dans la fenetre 1 & 2

14" x 18", oil on canvas, 2002

These vases were set up in the same kitchen window as in this painting.

Glass is tricky, but I think the second painting works quite well, what with the refraction of the plant's stems just above the water line.

The intensity if light coming in from the window also made these paintings challenging because of all the white space and fading out of the sill.

Someone once commented that I was "breaking a rule" by making the vase on the left so dense and dark in the shadow part, but I was just going by my reference photo and my interest in high contrast images. I'm not sure what "rule" she was talking about beacuse if it was a "rule of optics," my photo ref proves her wrong, and if it was a supposed "rule of art," then who cares?

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