06 January 2009

Any Last Requests Before I Go?

 22" x 15", watercolour, 1998

I'm still working on the Lincoln illustrations...and still watching Bond films.

The model for this picture is someone I was working with at the time of the massive photo shoot that is still providing material for my paintings (the first blogged painting of this model -but not the first one of her I painted- is here). I thought she sort of had a Bond Girl look and posed her in an evening dress and with a water pistol in a few photos to evoke that feeling.

My favourite part of this painting is the background, specifically the way it kind of looks like it's been shot where her head is and then is falling apart in shattered fragments in the lower third. I also like the brown/blue/white combo of that bottom portion.

The title is the first line from the Wild Strawberries song called "Minions" from their 1998 album, Quiver.

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