03 February 2009


11" x 15", watercolour, 2001, private collection

The "Love Cures" auction is this week (see previous post) and I thought I'd follow up with an old painting based upon a photo taken while on vacation in 1992 in Florida. This is the lobby of the now-defunct Tides Hotel where I stayed with a couple of friends, Chris Patheiger and Jon Cooper, in St. Petersburg. Just to the left (out of sight) are the shuffleboard courts where Coop and I played dozens of games over what must have been three or four hours straight.

Chris now owns this painting.

This painting was the first where I didn't paint over the pencil lines where there are very thin elements (but not quite visible here, the power/telephone lines). Normally, I would have used paint over them so it would remain a "painting" but I realized the bare pencil lines were thinner than any paint I could have applied (therefore, getting the actual desired effect), and, more importantly, it's still a painting even if you see some pencil lines or use them for their own sake.

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