16 February 2009


22" x 22", watercolour, 2000

Continuing from Lobby, this painting also concerns the now-defunct Tides Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The model is Aisha, a woman I was working with at the same time and place I worked with the ladies who provided the house for my Interiors series. The photo ref of her was taken around 1999 or 2000 and was used to superimpose her on the hotel background from a photo taken almost ten years before (much like in Timing is Everything). Often when I'm shooting photo reference, I have no idea how the pictures will be used for the final painting(s), for example, the model above wasn't photographed with the intent to combine her with the hotel, that came about later while going through my many photos to see what I wanted to paint next. These two just came together...quite nicely, too, I think.

The hotel photo for this was taken from just outside our room --and you can just barely make out the red ceramic-tiled roof of the lobby area above her left shoulder, giving you an idea of this painting's spatial relationship to Lobby.

This painting appears in a much-reduced form as a background element in AW-026.

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