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Pontiac and Oldsmobile en Plastique

1971 Pontiac LeMans20" x 26", watercolour on Yupo, 2009

1949 Oldsmobile Deluxe Coupe
20" x 26", watercolour on Yupo, 2009, private collection

I'll be showing a number of my new watercolour-on-plastic paintings in the upcoming SpeakEasy Drawing and Painting Show in June (details in this post), and these cars will definitely be part of the show.

I love rendering metal -especially chrome (whether it's in colour or black and white), and Yupo is pretty amazing for doing this since you can just wipe away areas you want to be white, and with the narrow edge of a brush, the results can be nicely convincing. Along with the interesting and sexy shapes and curves older cars have (compared to modern cars which are more aerodynamic and more fuel-efficient but visually boring), I like their inherent reflectivity and shininess (the hood of the top car is a perfect example of this) which is also fun to render.